SmokinStone brings unique international concept of making live ice cream rolls on pans. These rolls are a treat for a taste buds as well as eyes. Fresh ingredients poured on super cool pans, crushed with spatula, flattened and shaped into rolls.

ice cream rolls have finally made their debut in Punjab and are a street treat not to be missed. what exactly makes this chilled specialty different from your typical scoop? It’s made to order, for one.

These ice cream rolls are fresh, pure, free from additives and preservatives, visual treat and soothing. Layered ice cream rolls look like miniature bouquet of flowers.

Made Ice cream live upfront of you within a minute with purest milk and zero preservatives and topped with Fruits and favorite toppings, that is the most amazing thing that has ever happened! You can add different brownies and cream and other toppings as well with it. No ice cream can be as fresh and delicious as this!

It’s fun to watch your ice cream being made right in front of you, which also provides obvious Snap chat opportunities. Not only does it taste good, but it is visually appealing; good enough to be ‘grammed!